BMW E36 Tuning Services

Want us to tune your BMW? No problem... here's how!

'Plug 'n Play' ECU

A 'no hassle' plug and play ECU for your setup, sent to your door via post for a true turn key solution.

Remote Tuning

If you've got your own equipment to flash your ECU, and an ability to data log - we can help you remote tune your vehicle... wherever you are in the world!

Dyno Tuning

If you want to bring the car to us, then we offer full custom / Live Tuning here, on the dyno in Manchester for all OEM & factory ECU setups.


If you've made the jump to standalone / aftermarket management such as ECUMaster or Speeduino / Megasquirt we can still help!

'Plug 'n Play' ECU.

Custom mapped ECU, delivered to your door
Plugin ECU on the Seat of BMW E30

A custom mapped 'plug in' ECU, from the comfort of your sofa.

If you still want to unlock the tuning potential of your car, but don't want to make the trip to see us; we offer our 'plug and play' ECU's delivered to your door!

It doesn't matter if you are running a relatively stock setup, and are just looking for a 'stage 1' tune... or if you've gone the whole hog with a high boost turbo kit and want a base map to get you going.

Simply let us know your full spec, any options such as 'pop and bang' or hardcut rev limit for example; and we will custom tune you an ECU, pop it in the post and get it to you within a couple of days!

Remote Tuning.

You flash it and log it, we'll do the tuning

All you need is a laptop & a cable!

So you want the fully custom tuned experience, but you are either too far from us (maybe the other side of the world!) or simply want to get stuck in and be involved?

With little more than a laptop, a couple of cables and some basic software you can flash your own ECU, and provide us with the data logs to perfect the tune.

We usually recommend a cheap and cheerful K+DCAN OBD cable, a copy of the brilliant MS41QuickFlash from BimmerTuningTools and a basic laptop for your tuning & logging kit. This will allow you to read your stock ECU map, send us data logs from the vehicle, and then flash in your own modified tune ocne we've emailed it to you!

This option can also be useful if you frequently make changes and need a number of map tweaks... or if you work on customer cars and need a reliable tuning partner!

MS41QuickFlash Writing ECU Screenshot

Dyno Tuning

Custom Live Tuning, on the dyno, up here 'int North of England
Yellow BMW e36 compact on the dyno during tuning

Fully Custom Live Dyno Tuning.. while you wait!

If you want the best for you car, there's no replacement for bringing it up to us, and getting it strapped down on the Bosch chassis dyno for a full tuning session.

Using some pretty trick bits of kit, we can emulate your stock / factory ECU 'live' on the laptop, and essentially turn it into a fully programmable standalone ECU, which is made to yield to our keystrokes.. and do exactly what we want it to!

You'll get to chill out in the fully air conditioned, sound deadened waiting room - with a brew in hand and your favourite YouTube videos on the big TV... all whilst seeing your car sat at 140+mph on the dyno!

Standalone Tuning.

Spent the money on a full motorsport / standalone ECU setup? No problem!

ECUMaster, Speeduino, MegaSquirt Live Tuning

You've spent your hard earned on a fancy standalone ECU, you've wired it in but you've no idea where to start? We can help with a base map to get you going if you want to tune it yourself or you can bring it up to us for full custom on dyno tuning!

Whether it be one of the common BMW standalone systems such as ECUMaster , Speeduino / Megasquirt or something completely different, we know the M52 and M54 engines inside out, and have experience tuning these with Alpha N, Speed Density or blended style strategies on both Naturally Aspirated or Turbo / Supercharged force induction setups.

ECUMaster ECU on desk before fitting

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